Samurai Router Hardware Details

Samurai Router

The Samurai Router is the top of the line ImageStream Router. The Samurai Router is designed to provide reliable high performace layer 3 routing for demanding applications.

Key features include

  • Powerful 8 Core CPU
  • Two 10Gbase-T 10Gbit Interfaces
  • Two Sfp+ 10Gbit Interfaces
  • Redundant AC Power Supplies
  • four front pannel expansion slots

The four front pannel expansion slots allow any combination of the following expansion cards.

Addon Front pannel Options
  • 8 port GbE Rj-45 Interfaces
  • 4 port GbE SFP Interfaces
  • 2 port 10Gbase-T Rj-45 Interfaces
  • 2 port 25 Gbit SFP28 Interfaces

These options allow the Samurai Router to be configured for wide variety of deployment options.

System Block Diagram

System Block Diagram

Built-in Interfaces

image showing the front ports on the Samurai Router
Front Ports and LEDs
Diagram # Case Label Opuntia Dev Name Linux Dev Name Description
1 Console n/a /dev/ttyS0 Serial Console
2 MGMT mgmt eth0 1Gbit Ethernet
3 USB n/a n/a USB 3.0 Type A
4 Console USB n/a n/a USB Console
5 (bottom) IPMI/10GbE 1 mgmt_10g enp183s0f2 10Gbit Ethernet
5 (top) 10GbE 2 eth2 enp183s0f3 10Gbit Ethernet
6 (bottom) SFP+ 1 sfp1 enp183s0f0 SFP+ Interface
6 (top) SFP+ 2 sfp2 enp183s0f1 SFP+ Interface
7 Status LED     Status LED
10 Reset LED     Reset LED
11 Power LED/Button     Status LED


The Management and Management-10g interfaces may be used as normal interfaces in Opuntia. But the Management-10 Interface will always expose the system BMC IPMI. So care should be taken to provide the needed security if using this interface.

The management interface will be configured with a static

The status LED has several different operating modes depending on the current system status. This table shows the different LED apperance and system status.

Status LED
LED Apperance Description
Solid Green System powered on operating normally
Blinking Green System is shutting down
Solid Red System is overheating
1 Second Blinking Red System Fan Failure
1/4 Second Blinking Red System Power Failure
Solid Blue System Local UID enabled
1 Second Blinking Blue System Remote UID enabled
Not lit System is powered off


The system UID status is enabaled in the IMPI Interface.